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Name of the School CBSE Affiliation Number
Year of Affiliation Nature of the School
Address of the School Secondary/Senior Secondary
Office Phone Numbers Phone Numbers 2
E-mail ID: Fax:
School Website Address
Name of the Principal Personal Contact No

Is the School already a member of

any Sahodaya Complex (Give Details)

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Contact No. of the Correspondent/Manager Name of the Correspondent/Manager
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We agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Kadamba Sahodaya School Complex and will actively participate in all its programmes and initiatives.

We are enclosing a Cheque/DD for an amount of Rs.5000/-(Rupees five Thousand Only), Cheque/DD Number , drawn on .

Bank, dated . towards the Membership Fee. We are attaching the copy of the letter of affiliation from the CBSE for your perusal.

(DD/Cheque to be drawn in the name of Secretary, Kadamba Sahodaya School Complex, payable at Sirsi)