About Kadamba Sahodaya School Complex

Kadamba sahodaya school complex is a group of neighborhood schools voluntarily coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy and also providing support services for teachers and students. It is a platform for schools to deliberate upon different policies and guidelines of the Board and provide effective feedback on their implementation to establish new benchmarks of quality.

Aims and Objectives

  • To act as a liaison between CBSE and the member schools in the implementation of its policies, projects & strategies.

  • To promote educational excellence in all member schools.

  • To encourage professionalism among the teachers and educational innovations in the member schools.

  • To promote interschool collaboration among member schools.

  • To help the member school with sharing resources.

  • To promote academic collaboration through common science fairs, joint seminars, workshops, teaching aids, preparation of question banks, conduct of common examination among the member schools etc.

  • To arrange workshops/ seminars/ symposia on education for member schools.

  • To communicate with CBSE to seek clarification so as to be well informed about the circulars guidelines and policies of CBSE.

  • To provide a forum for active participation in the field of sports and cultural activities for member schools.

  • To address common issues of member schools.